Working method

A satisfied customer is worth their weight in gold

…and we at AGC are well aware of this. We do everything we can to provide our customers with excellent service.

Would you like to make an appointment at AGC? 

AGC limits damage costs 

  • Our prices are on average 30% cheaper than the average market price.

  • We specialize in repairing small windows. We only replace a car window if repair is no longer possible. 

  • The customer receives a lifetime guarantee. Both on fitting and watertightness.

… and ensures a satisfied customer  

  • Making an appointment is easy. We can be reached by phone and via our website. 

  • We work fast: ordered today, repaired tomorrow!

  • We work on location: we go to the customer, at home or at work. That way he/she doesn't lose any time. 

  • We only fit new car windows of original quality.

  • During the repair in our garage, the customer enjoys free wifi and a nice cup of coffee.

Any customer 

  • Not only people with windscreen, rear window or side window damage can come to us. We also repair and replace panoramic roofs.

  • We repair car windows on cars, trucks, vans and lorries.

  • Owners of old-timers and classic cars can also come to us for specialized repairs and replacements of their windscreens. 

AGC always ensures that your windscreen repair or replacement goes smoothly and without a hitch. 

Would you like AGC to repair or replace your windscreen?  

Working method

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