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Meet & Greet Steve Janssens, founder of AGC

Steve Janssens is an entrepreneur with both feet firmly planted in the field for more than 30 years. He dismantles, installs and repairs car windows of new and old cars, from small cars to big trucks, according to the rules of the art.

In 1995 Steve started his own Auto Glas Center in Kampenhout, specialised in repairing and restoring car windows for private and commercial vehicles. What started as a small workshop in his garage, grew into a professional workshop with 10 experienced employees and a very loyal customer base.

“With a healthy portion of ambition and a firm dose of passion, we want to continue to grow with AGC into the professional point of contact and the glass specialist in the wide region around Mechelen, Leuven and Brussels.” 


Meet & Greet the team, the core of AGC

Auto Glas Center consists of an enthusiastic team of 10 employees with complementary skills: administrative talents, glass specialists with technical knowledge, cooperating partners and classic car enthusiasts who have specialised in repairing car windows for classic cars. The AGC team is a good mix of young up-and-coming talents who learn from craftsmen with years of experience. In addition, we have 5 mobile teams on the road to carry out repairs at home or on site.

“Team spirit, a good atmosphere and a human approach. That's what we find important at AGC. For example, we took care of a worker who was looking for suitable work after suffering a stroke during the Dakar rally. With the commitment of the whole team, he supports himself where he can and does a wonderful job.”


Why choose Auto Glas Center

Quality│ Number one, always with guarantee!

Speed │ Ordered today, installed or repaired tomorrow.

Personal │ With a broad smile we work in confidence.

Flexible │ Mobile shifts with on-site service.

Experience │ Professional advice with more than 30 years of expertise.

Competitive│ Sharp rates that are 30% lower than the average market price.


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About Us

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